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Fiscal Sponsorship

The RC&D has proven experience in providing assistance to various local and statewide collaboratives to help turn ideas into action. We currently provide fiscal sponsor services to a variety of local collaboratives and projects. As an insured 501(c)3, the services we can provide are: being a grant applicant and recipient, hiring temporary staff, providing funding administration services, holding contracts and more. In addition, if you are interested in providing a large or small donation to a particular collaboration, project, or general cause related to conservation and sustainable communities, we can assist you in getting those donations placed where they can do the most good.

We charge a 20% fee on all funding administered. This fee can be negotiable depending on the amount and source of the funding.

The resources of the RC&D Council and staff are limited, so the adoption of new projects and assistance must be carefully reviewed and considered. Organizations or individuals wanting the RC&D to be a fiscal sponsor for a coalition, project, or program must present their idea and needs to the RC&D Council at a regularly scheduled meeting. It is advised to consult with the Executive Director well before that meeting. When preparing a proposal, proponents must consider the following project criteria that the RC&D must make when considering new projects. Projects must:

  • Be in line with the RC&D mission.

  • Involve a collaboration of organizations / agencies.

  • Address a ‘real’ demonstrated need and be relevant to conservation and sustainability in our community.

  • Have broad demonstrated support of stakeholders and community, or working toward building that support.

  • Have financial, technical, and capacity feasibility.

  • Have credibility, transparency, and accountability of potential partners.

  • Have large benefit compared to cost of time and funding.

Even if a project does meet the above criteria, it may not be selected for support if the RC&D Council deems there is not enough staff time or resources to successfully assist the project.

To apply for RC&D assistance:

An individual or group must fill out the following Fiscal Sponsorship Application, and if accepted will need to sign a Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement. Please review carefully before applying.

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