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RC&D Programs


Yakima Tributary Access & Habitat Program

The Yakima Tributary Access & Habitat Program (YTAHP) RC&D committee, sometimes called “Y-Tap”,  is dedicated to salmon recovery in the Yakima Basin with healthy salmon, healthy streams, and healthy communities.

YTAHP was developed in 2001 to provide assistance to landowners in restoring critical salmon habitat by implementing projects that protect, restore, and enhance riparian and floodplain habitat currently or historically used by salmon.  Program objectives are to screen irrigation diversions, remove manmade barriers (dams, culverts, etc), restore fish passage, and enhance stream habitat.  


The YTAHP program is made possible through a collaborative effort between the WA RC&D Council, local conservation districts, and many other local, state, and federal entities.  Projects are voluntary and are designed to serve the best interest of the landowner, salmon, and the community. 


WA Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network

The Washington Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network (WAFAC), funded by the Bureau of Land Management,  facilitates learning and provides a means to invest resources in model coordinating groups around Washington that are working to create fire adapted communities.


The project provides member communities with resources to engage with other WAFAC participants, thereby increasing local capacity, and elevating our collective ability to adapt communities’ relationships to the complex fire issues we face.

The Washington Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network accelerates wildfire resiliency for businesses, residents, land managers, and communities throughout the State of Washington.


Yakima Basin Clean Water Partnership Committee

The Yakima Basin Clean Water Partnership (YBCWP) Committee was formed to lead in developing, promoting, and advancing sustainable strategies to improve water quality for the benefit of all communities in the Yakima Basin.

Projects initiated or completed by this committee include:

  • Assistance to Wastewater Facilities in employing enhanced biological nutrient removal for nitrogen and phosphorous (phase 1 and 2).

  • Local calibration of the national Nutrient Tracking Tool.

  • Yakima Basin Floodplain Inventory Analysis

  • Yakima Basin Ecosystem Services Market Analysis

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