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The Yakima Tributary Access & Habitat Program was developed in 2001 to provide assistance to landowners in restoring critical salmon habitat by implementing projects that protect, restore, and enhance riparian and floodplain habitat currently or historically used by salmon.


Program objectives are to screen irrigation diversions, remove manmade barriers (dams, culverts, etc), restore fish passage, and enhance stream habitat.  The YTAHP program is made possible through a collaborative effort between the RC&D, local conservation districts, and many other local, state, and federal entities.  Projects are voluntary and are designed to serve the best interest of the landowner, salmon, and the community.



  • January 16 - Ellensburg

  • February 20 - Yakima

  • March 20 - Ellensburg

  • April 17 - Yakima

  • May 15 - Ellensburg

  • June 19 - Yakima

  • July 17 - Ellensburg

  • August 21 - Yakima

  • September 18 - Ellensburg

  • October 16 - Yakima

  • November 20 - Ellensburg

  • December 18 – Yakima

                *Location subject to change


Our partners are the key to our success!  Through the YTAHP partnership, key agencies and staff are involved throughout every step of each project.  These partners include:

YTAHP Funding

Primary funding for the Program is from the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) with additional project funding from the Washington Salmon Recovery Funding BoardWashington Department of Ecology Water Quality Program, Community Salmon Funds, and other local, state and federal programs.

YTAHP Accomplishments

Since 2001, YTAHP has worked to develop, design, permit, and construct more than 181 projects.  Our accomplishments, as of 2017, have been:

  • 331 cfs screened (cubic feet per second of water screened with gravity or pump diversion screen rate per second)

  • 55,044 AF screened (acre-feet screened – volume)

  • 51.5 cfs trusted (dedicated to instream flow)

  • 3,787 AF trusted

  • 231miles of streams opened to fish

  • 218 acres revegetated

  • 15.4 miles of stream bank vegetated

YTAHP Meeting Minutes

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YTAHP Reports

Yakima Tributary Access

& Habitat Program